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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2021  /  2:00 PM EST




Movin’ On Up: An Energy Efficient North Carolina

Throughout the southeast, North Carolina has always been a leader in energy efficiency, starting with our commitments demonstrated in Senate Bill 3 and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard. Our dedication to this space has led to significant job growth across the state, employing more than 88,000 residents. However, we still have a long road ahead of us—starting with the goals established in Executive Order 80. To help meet some of the state’s energy efficiency goals, and move towards implementation of NC’s Clean Energy Plan recommendations, the state legislature has already introduced a number of bills on the topic. Join us for an in-depth conversation on energy efficiency policy and legislation, Clean Energy Plan recommendations, and the importance of EE in North Carolina’s sustainable energy future.

Timothy Gasper


Rachel Gold

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Ben Tacka

Trane Technologies

Gudrun Thompson

Southern Environmental Law Center


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