THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2020  /  3:00 PM EST



Emerging Paths for Energy Market Transformation

Join NCSEA’s Ivan Urlaub in a conversation with Amory Lovins of Rocky Mountain Institute to talk about the transition into the energy economy of the future and what it means for North Carolinians, the southeast, and our nation. Previously, the utility business model, resource planning, and system resilience have all been predicated on utility control. That traditional thinking is shifting as policymakers, consumers, industry, and utilities are finding the opportunities and mutual benefits that come with an emerging energy transformation. Join us as we provide a glimpse into the future of a clean energy economy that truly benefits all.

Amory Lovins
Cofounder and Chairman Emeritus
Rocky Mountain Institute

Ivan Urlaub

Chief, Strategy and Innovation

NC Sustainable Energy Association

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